Stator Rewinding, Stator Potting, Electric Motor Repair, and Redesign:
All motors are rebuilt to manufactures specifications. Our Rewind process uses only the best of materials and practices. This includes Vacuum Impregnation (VPI), Powder Coating of small armatures and stators, and Potting (Winding Encapsulation), which we successfully developed in the late 1990's. MH offers the repair and magnetizing of stators and rotors. This includes the use of advanced composite materials for rotor repair or updating. We can also redesign a motor to suit your needs or to a specific operating environment. Our team has extensive experience helping companies implement direct drive, torque and spindle, "kit" motors into their products.

Rush and Emergency Service:
In addition to a standard 2 week turnaround, we offer Rush and Emergency services. These services include Same-Day, Overnight, or the fastest turnaround that the job will allow.

CNC/CAD/CAM Equipped Precision Machine Shop:
Our climate controlled machine shop allows us to repair and/or create flanges, housings, endshields, shafts, footing, etc. and to make tooling and fixtures for special repair situations. All while using the very latest high tech tools and advanced toolpath strategies. This allows MH to have incredible flexibility and speed within the repair process and has helped us deliver repairs on time when normal part replacement depends on a long delivery time or unavailability. Our machine shop helps in the creation of prototype parts and is also available as a job shop for general machining of your parts. Turning, grinding, milling, and advanced 5-axis technology all in one place.

Precision Balancing:
All rotors, armatures, impellers and any other rotating elements are dynamically balanced to manufacturer specifications or better. We can also re-balance to accommodate the customerís specific need on one of our soft or hard balancing machines as required. Furthermore, to validate the quality level of our balancing once the unit is assembled, we final test per DIN ISO 2373/DIN EN 60034-14 at speed on our test stand.

Final Test and Vibration Analysis:
To meet or exceed the Manufacturers specified NEMA/ANSI, DIN/ISO, or IEC Standard, we test all the individual components of the motors we service. Tests take place throughout the repair process, followed by a final vibration test per the required standard on our test stand, and a bearing frequency signature analysis and BCU (Bearing Condition Unit). Through our rigorous test procedures, you are guaranteed delivery of a superior final product.

Motor Failure Analysis:
Services can be provided to support Plant Preventative Maintenance Programs and to assist their Repair and Maintenance Groups in preventing motor failures and excessive downtime in production schedules in the future. Utilizing our vast technical experience and "know how" in evaluating failures combined with our sincere desire to target the root cause of your motor failure, our staff at MH will evaluate and document the failure and relay that information to your company. Our goal at MH is to develop a long term relationship with our customers based on truthful root cause findings to your motor problem, a relentless commitment to quality, and attention to detail.

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