MH Electric Motor & Control Corporation provides repair and service for AC-DC Electric Spindle and Servo motors from fractional to 200+HP. We serve Industrial and Commercial communities throughout North America and we also have repaired units running throughout the world. At MH, we pride ourselves in offering a full compliment of services including stator rewinding, machining, precision grinding (shafts, housing bores, etc.), dynamic balancing of rotating components, magnetizing of rotors/stators, and mechanical and electrical testing. All servicing is done at one location which allows us to maintain a consistent high level of quality over the entire repair process.

MH Electric Motor & Control Corp. was founded in 1978 in an effort to bring true quality and craftsmanship to Chicago and surrounding industrial communities. MH quickly expanded to serving the entire United States and continued to increase its support of many products as new technologies entered the automation, printing, packaging, and machine tool arenas. At that time, MH also began to develop the process of Motor Failure Analysis, not only for end users but for OEM’s as well. We at MH, continue to adapt to the changes and increasing demands of the industrial marketplace and our valued customers while retaining our relentless commitment to quality. From small machine tool shops to major aerospace companies, MH has served them all.

30W250 Calumet Ave. Warrenville, IL 60555